Posftix Permission denied problem

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  • Michael

    Thank you so much … I’ve been looking for this pulling my hair out wondering why it wasn’t sending.

  • François

    Thanks for this, i was searching a solution… Thanks a lot !

  • Lion

    Thanks a lot.

  • Tonny

    Thank you a lot for your solution and information.

  • Mike

    I love you

  • juan

    Thanks a lot!! I was trying to configure postfix because I couldn´t make it work but the solution was so simple. Thanks!

  • Leslie

    Perfect. Exactly what I needed! You saved me a lot of time, worry, and confusion.

  • Ed

    Thanks, dude!

  • David

    First part of my mail() / sendmail / permissions issue was resolved by http://raditha.com/blog/archives/program-mode-requires-special-privileges-e.g.-root-or-trusteduser..html

    But you saved my ass with this post! Worked well on CentOs 6.2 basic installation and LAMP.

    Many thanks! 🙂

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  • Ross

    Works great, thanks!!

  • halea

    Thanks, this works for me great. Saved me a lot of time – Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Erwin


    I was wondering what was wrong with the email… cheers!!

  • Cs

    Thank you!

  • terry

    nice!thank you!

  • Rene

    Thanks for sharing this fix, helped a lot!

  • Farzan

    Thanks for documenting it…it helped!

  • Kasidm

    PERFECT! Thank you!!!

  • ryan

    thank you kind sir !! that was amazing, i tried changing permissions etc, and i was just stumped… great work !

  • Jean

    Thank you very much! That solved my problem

  • Catalin Oprea

    Thank you, save my day! 🙂

  • Ayo

    You are such a life saver. After many hours of troubleshooting, your assertion worked like a charm.

    A million thanks to you.