Why AWS is better than Rackspace

Why AWS is better than Rackspace

I’m huge fan of AWS services. It just works – don’t need any kind of support, prices are really good. No issues whatsoever. But – of course my nature ask me to check out other options. For example Rackspace . So I registered account, filled out my business and credit details. Just to give a small background – got registered business since 2011 in Australia. I filled out my CC details, phone number and so on. Pretty standard process. I logged in, and start playing with their interface (pretty slow, but I shouldn’t complain yet). The best is about to come…

After couple minutes get email like this:

We reviewed your recent request to open a Rackspace Cloud account with us and have determined that at this time your account is not eligible for activation. This is because our system has identified certain attributes of your account that do not comply with our security policies. These policies are in place to protect our customers.

Ok, I supposed to be customer, and don’t fell protected or not complied with security policy. Again – CC was registered on my name, I supplied business details, home address – everything. Let’s move on. I was interested what’s wrong with me. I connected with support. First chat finished pretty quick – please wait for another consultant… and after 15 minutes of waiting I have up. Let’s gave them another try – same story on another one. Gave up after 20 minutes of waiting. 3rd time – it was better:

[Jon H] Hi! [Jon H] How can I assist you today?

[Slawomir] Hi Jon, I have been dropped from chat 2 times 🙂

[Jon H] Sorry to hear that

[Slawomir] I hope that it’s not your general policy to handle clients…

[Slawomir] hot really simple question – just created account

[Slawomir] and get email that my “account is not eligible for activation”

[Slawomir] what does it mean ?

[Jon H] Unfortunately, your account is not eligable to be activated at this time.

[Slawomir] yes, why ?

[Slawomir] any reason ? CC is valid

[Jon H] We cannot activate it for reasons I cannot fully explain. One monet while I give you further info

[Slawomir] yep… so you will drop me right now 😉

[Slawomir] from the chat

[Slawomir] I’m happy to post this story on some blogs, to show how “rackspace” is handling clients

[Jon H]Because of the sensitive nature this information I cannot provide specific reasoning. However, if you would like your account reviewed, please email my manager either a scan of photo of the credit card that was used along with your government issued photo ID. Be sure to cover or mark out all but the last four digits of the credit card so that the whole number is still protected. He will work quickly to review and respond with his final assessment.

So… anyone who works with clients, knows that the hardest part is client acquisition. So what Rackspace do – dropping client before he is even able to try out the service. What competition do – gives away free services for a YEAR. Thank you Rackspace. I’m going back to AWS.