Why I don’t recommend mailgun…

Couple months ago I listed  services having  API for sending and receiving emails . One of them was mailgun – I was using it for a while since… yesterday. My account was locked without any valid reason. Something related with SPAM:

http://documentation.mailgun.com/razor.html  Reference: #rzr01.

Because I know exactly what emails are being sent using my accounts (I keep track of each email coming out from the system) I was really interested how it could happen. Who reported message as a SPAM, and which one was that.

I contacted support, after 12hours (my account is suspended!) got answer similar to automated one:

Mailgun uses industry recognized third party sources for some of our SPAM tests and one of them has indicated that there is a fingerprint in your message that they are flagging as SPAM. I have reached out to them for further information. I will update you with any information I get.

So… you know why you why disabled my account on not ? The truth is that i’m not sending thousands of emails – it’s around 10-50 emails per day – so traffic is really low. So… can anyone can afford having such a long brake ? The have my CC details, company details – so how they can assume that I’m sending SPAM (50 emails per day?) Seriously ?

My answer is: no more mailgun. Moving out, closing down accounts – try to try SES or Sendgrid .