CodeIgniter img update

CodeIgniter img update

It’s been a while since my library CodeIgniter img was updated. Purpose of this library is pretty clear – to scale images on the fly using CodeIgniter. It’s very useful in all kinds of website and CMS-like projects. All you need to do, is just load library and inside view use it like that

$this->img->rimg('path/to/image.jpg', array('width' => 100, 'height' => 200, 'alt'='my awesome image'));

First time when script hits image, will create thumbnail. Next time, website will get already scaled image. If you need change dimensions, just change it within view – don’t worry about recreating images.

So.. what are the latest changes? Basically I fixed couple small bugs inside code. And introduced couple new parameters like “return” which allows you get path instead full


tag. Also – image sharpening is enabled by default. Images which are not exist are replaced by images.