How to manage logs

How to manage logs
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Capturing and storing longs it’s bit painful task. It’s not so bad if you are running one application on one server, but if you go with multiple servers, or just don’t want to “login” to check logs – you have to go with remote logging tools. I know only 2 and didn’t look for more. First of them is tool called Sentry  second one is LogEntries .


Got very good experience with Sentry – it’s very simple, got clients written in Java, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python and  Ruby. Efficiency is very good – i tested with production in multiple occasions. Interace is nice and clean, you can track your logs, mark them as.

But the best part of it – you can install it on your own platform, because they have Open Source Sentry version. It’s written in Python – installation is not very complex. Hosted version is better, and you don’t have to worried about traffic. Pricing is reasonable starting from $9.


It’s a bit more advanced service – allows you analyse also static data / log entries coming from operating system and demons itself. Obviously we have also libraries for popular languages like  JavaScript, PHP, Ruby or even golang. I installed this service on one of my projects, and will see how it goes.