How schedule start and stop EC2 instance on AWS

How schedule start and stop EC2 instance on AWS
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Biggest advantage with AWS – EC2 service, is that you are paying for each minute of usage. So – why run instances 24/7 if you need them only for 12 hours par day ? You can just start and stop whenever you need them. Obviously we don’t want to forgot to shutdown our instance, or start when we need it. Here is a simple recipe how to automate whole task

1. Common information

We have to collect some information from our Management Console. What exactly do we need:

  1. Our instance ids,
  2. Our Route53 Zone ID

2. AWS command line setup

In each instance you have command line tool to manage your AWS service, it’s called AWS. Let’s configure it:

aws configure
AWS Access Key ID [None]: -your-aws-key-id
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: -your-aws-access-key
Default region name [None]: ap-southeast-2
Default output format [None]:

3. How to start EC2 instance from command line

You just need to run simple command:

/usr/bin/aws ec2 start-instances --region ap-southeast-2 --instance-ids i-xxxxxx

And ad this task to your crontab

00      15      *       *       1-5 /usr/bin/aws ec2 start-instances...

4. How to stop EC2 instance form command line

Same story here:

/usr/bin/aws ec2 stop-instances --region ap-southeast-2 --instance-ids i-xxxxxx

And add this task to crontab

00      23      *       *       1-5     /usr/bin/aws ec2 stop-instances...

3. Update Route53 to keep our CNAME up to date

Last task is to make sure, that your instance will “self assign” their hostname to actual IP. Here is a simple script to make user that we can update Route53 zone after reboot:

Don’t forget to add this to /etc/init.d