Clearing up git submodules problems

Clearing up git submodules problems

As some of you noted, I moved my blog into Hugo . You have to pull multiple git repositories to compile the entire project during the build process. Because begging is always challenging, it’s always trial and error, and I ended up having many sub-repositories missing. I’m now going to show the whole journey how to solve “the issue”.

To list submodule you can use something like that:

git submodule

And then you can look deeper:

git ls-files --stage | grep 160000

and you get something like that:

160000 cef4cf89570a56ca85abcfc6b685844ed605875f 0	Mainroad
160000 b2bdfdb625f38211ca8f107566175c71ea479c6a 0	themes/mainroad
160000 cef4cf89570a56ca85abcfc6b685844ed605875f 0	themes/mymainroad

To fix missing dependencies just use:

2799  git rm --cached themes/mainroad