Never use file_get_contents to make URL queries

Why you should not ever use file_get_contents

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As each programmer by nature, I’m lazy. I try to accomplish as much as possible with minimum effort.

So whenever I use PHP to fetch something, I use file_get_contents to make queries and pull data from other services. So basically, my favourite snippet is this guy here:


It’s not to bad - the only issue is error handling, if something goes wrong - it’s really hard to know what is happening. Obviously you can do something like this:

  $result = file_get_contents("");
  if ($result === false) {

but it’s pretty shitty way to handle errors, and then look into array for details.


So what is the solution ? It’s quite simple use CURL library instead:

What’s the difference ? You are getting much detailed errors and you can easily take actions based on exact error.