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How to upload to S3 with presigned URL

Dealing with presigned URL

Object storage is getting more and more popular. AWS started, but nowadays, almost every provider has it. Recently Cloudflare announced its availability. DigitalOcean call them Spaces.

So today, we are trying to upload a file to an S3 type of storage with a presigned URL.

TL;DR: how to generate the correct URL and upload data into it.

Docker, GO and CGO application build

Docker, GO and CGO application build

I’ve been avoiding Docker for a very long time. I started as a sysadmin setting up servers running FreeBSD and early versions of Debian on bare-bone servers. As soon as “cloud” came into the market, I switched to AWS and GCE and have used them since then. EC2 was my always goto choice to deploy something on the internet quickly. But Docker — for some reason, I was avoiding it until this two years ago, when I started using it. Without too much trust.

But today, history is not about my love & hate relationship with Docker, but about deploying the GO application and VIPS library. A couple of problems appeared during the process, and it’s worth mentioning them for future generations because I could find much help around my issues.

Why VIPS and Go it’s not a good match for production environment

Why VIPS and Go it’s not a good match for production environment

using cgo bindings in go is a not an easy way

I built a simple worker to do some magic with images by using Go & VIPS . I chose VIPS because it is blazing fast compared to other Go image processing libraries. So this is the story about what went wrong. Because my DEV setup is Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Apple Silicon, it’s always tricky to compile something to the proper architecture. Installing VIPS on my machine, it’s pretty straightforward: