When you are running out of space on your server

an easy way to extend your disc space on VM

…in most cases you have 2 options. Because we are living in Cloud and VPS era – it’s not a big deal. You can always bump up your volume and after while you can enjoy bigger more expensive instance with more space. But sometimes you need just a space for a while or… just something for a backup ? You can always use s3cmd , gsutil or another tool. Imagine that you have just regular folder on your drive, with almost unlimited space.
How schedule start and stop EC2 instance on AWS

How schedule start and stop EC2 instance on AWS

Biggest advantage with AWS – EC2 service, is that you are paying for each minute of usage. So – why run instances 24/7 if you need them only for 12 hours par day ? You can just start and stop whenever you need them. Obviously we don’t want to forgot to shutdown our instance, or start when we need it. Here is a simple recipe how to automate whole task