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Magento 2.1 installation issues

I’ve been recently trying to install the latest Magento and was experiencing some issues with Magento installer unable to detect PHP version. My message was pretty weird:

Your PHP version is . The required PHP version is

also found couple 500 errors in XHR requests.

Caddy rewrite and CodeIgniter

Caddy it’s a new kid in the block in category super light web servers. Personally – I love it. Same love I feel to CodeIgniter . To marge both of them, we need only basic rewrite rule to drop into caddyfile. { root /var/www/html/ gzip rewrite { to {path} {path}/ /index.php?/{uri} } fastcgi / /var/run/php-sock php }

TOTP security tokens and 2-Step Verification

Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP) is an algorithm that computes a  one-time password  from a  shared secret key  and the current time. The most popular implementation of this solution is Google Authenticator.

This application that implements  TOTP   security tokens . Usually is branded as “ Two-step verification {.mw-redirect}” (or 2-Step Verification). Authenticator provides a six- to eight-digit  one-time password  which users must provide in addition to their username and password to log into various services or other sites.

Riot.js – nice React alternative

Riot.js – nice React alternative

Recently I’m looking for easier versions of popular libraries. There is a lot of buzz around Facebook React.js library, but i found it not especially user / developer friendly – at least at first glitch. Obviously some people says that it’s not so complicated, but… there is something super simple and super light – Riot.js .