Some of our recent projects. Fell free to download and comment.

JavaScript date picker

Different approach to datepicker component

It’s a very simple prototype of alternative approach to date picker. The goal is to provide easiest way to pick date from very wide range of dates (1800-2099). Written in pure JavaScript – no dependencies.

Phalcon cheat sheet

Disable view $this->view->disable(); Change main view $this->view->setMainView('public'); Set headears $this->response->setContentType('text/plain')->sendHeaders(); Links to documentation Registering Router instance 404 on Micro application $app->notFound( function () use ($app) { $app->response->setStatusCode(404, "Not Found")->sendHeaders(); echo 'This is crazy, but this page was not found!'; } );

jQuery SEO URL plugin

It’s just a landing page for my jQuery SEO URL plugin. Sources available on github: Demo it’s available here:
CodeIgniter IMG – thumbnails

CodeIgniter IMG – thumbnails

CodeIgniter library to generate high-quality thumbnails A library is based on excellent * Smarty plugin “Thumb” * created in 2005 by Christoph Erdmann. This version is a little bit different, we are using the core from Thumb, and some modification which gives more flexibility to work with it. Features thumbnails are generated “on the fly” no additional actions required, cache for generated thumbnails, a clear structure for generated thumbnails, thumbnails sharpening function, cropping function, fill space function Usage You need to upload a file img.
CodeIgniter minify

CodeIgniter minify

Simple library to minify JavaScript & CSS in CodeIgniter. JavaScript minification is based on Closure Compiler . CSS minifcation is based on minify library . Addtionaly all CSS scripts and JavaScript scripts are marget into single files.