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CentoOS 7 NFS support

CentOS is pretty new, and some default stuff is just missing. Like NFS suport out of the box. We have to install package called nfs-utils yum -y install nfs-utils we can mount using standard...

Shuttle XS35 V2 and CentOs drivers

Some time ago I bought extremely quiet Shuttle XS35 V2 device to have something “seperate” for my web development work. Right now this awesome fan less device has many purposes. Works as full web dev...

Utilizing multi core for tar+gzip/bzip compression/decompression

We have couple options: pigz and pbzip2. tar -c –use-compress-program=pigz -f my_archive.tar.gz /home/archive The other trick useful trick is that you can exclude some directories or files tar -zcvf my_archive.tar.gz –exclude=’cache’ –exclude=’.git’ /home/archive